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epoxy floor paint

Epoxy floor coatings are unique products for covering and beautifying the surfaces of bare concrete floors. They contain hardeners and resins that undergo chemical reactions and bonding following application to concrete surfaces. The finishing of epoxy floor coatings gives a self-leveling, tough, and bright texture.

People use epoxy floor coatings for several reasons:

• They make the floor easier to clean.
• Epoxy floors are beautiful and they boost indoor aesthetics.
• They are highly customizable.
• Epoxy floor coatings protect your floors from dirt, bacteria, moisture, corrosion, abrasion, and impact.
• They are highly versatile and suitable for all kinds of buildings.
• They are quick to install.
With all the benefits of epoxy floor coating, Property Plus USA says should consider installing it in your home. The issue is that several kinds of epoxy coating are available on the market. Which one should you choose for your floor?
This article will describe the different epoxy floor coatings and their characteristics. The information will help you choose the best epoxy floor coating for your property.

Types of epoxy floor coatings
1. Two-part epoxy floor coating with 100% solids
Two-part epoxy floor coating with 100% solids is entirely made of epoxy with no traditional solvent. They provide maximum protection for concrete floors because their finishing is thick and hard. They offer an attractive appearance to your floors to complement their durability.
The 100% solids also contain decorating chips in their kits. A professional installer has the skills to do the job correctly and they will sprinkle these chips on the surface during the hardening to add more texture and appeal. If you choose genuine 100% solids, the surface will be hard and ready to use within 24 hours after application.
However, 100% epoxy coatings are the most expensive and demanding to install. They emit smelly fumes that will require ventilation after the coating.

image of epoxy floor paint

How to determine epoxy floor coatings
• The label on the container will state “100% solids”.
• The kit comes as a two-part product that requires mixing the resin with an activator or hardener.
• The application requires the addition of vinyl paint chips.
• The installer will ventilate the room after the application because of the smelly fumes they produce.
• It dries completely and becomes hard within 24 hours after application.
• The end product offers a tough and long-lasting surface.
• Presently, a kit of 100% solids costs between $200-300.

2. Two-part water-based epoxy floor coating
Two-part water-based epoxy floor coatings are hybrid products. They have components of genuine epoxy (activator and resin) and a traditional solvent (water). Because of the addition of water as the solvent, they take longer to cure or dry.

As this requires some level of skill and know-how, it’s best to have a professional installer apply this. They will keep it for 2 to 3 days after installation before it can dry out completely. Water-based epoxy floor coatings are inexpensive and easier to install. A gallon costs less than $100.

However, the coats are thinner, and they do not last long. Some water-based epoxy floor coating will accommodate vinyl color or texture chips. But others do not.

image of NVP epoxy floor paint

How to determine two-part water-based epoxy floor coatings
• The label shows “low VOC” or “low odor”.
• The price tag is between $50 and $100 per gallon.
• The installation does not require too much ventilation.
• It takes 2 to 3 days to dry out completely.
• Wet tools will require soap and water to clean.
• The floor may require a reinstallation by a professional every few years.

3. One-part floor coating
All genuine epoxy floor coating kits come as a two-part product containing a polymer resin and a hardener or an activator. Professional installers will mix the two parts before applying an authentic epoxy floor coating.

However, some products have the label “one-part epoxy”. These are not genuine epoxy floor coating but a form of paint. The producers cannot mix genuine epoxy and store them in a container. They will start hardening soon after mixing. One-part epoxy floor coating only bears the name because they look similar to epoxy and provide better protection to concrete floors when compared to ordinary paints.

image of BEHR premium epoxy floor paint

How to determine one-part floor coating
• They often have “one-part epoxy” or “epoxy/acrylic” on their label.
• They are inexpensive and sold for about $40.
• They come in a single container.
• One-part epoxy floor coatings do not require mixing before installation.
• They are easier to install.
• They dry out quickly within one hour.
• Wet tools are easier to clean with soap and water.
• They will need reapplication every few years.

The bottom line
From the details above, the best performing epoxy floor coating for your property is the two-part epoxy floor coating with 100% solids. 100% solids are suitable for areas exposed to high foot traffic, corrosion, abrasion, moisture, and impact.

You may consider the one-part floor coating for places with minimal foot traffic and exposure to water. However, moderate traffic regions will need the two-part water-based epoxy floor coating. If you want the best results, you should hire professionals for your epoxy floor installation. They have all the necessary skills, training, and tools for the job.

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